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Patient Preferred: Helping patients get the care they need

Higher case acceptance with no cost to you.


Why Use Patient Preferred?

Low Cost

Patient Preferred offers the lowest cost of any patient payment plan in the country. Once trained, the clinic pays a monthly subscription fee of just $100.00 for unlimited use of the program. The clinic keeps 100% of their treatment plan dollars which is collected from the patient. The training and set-up fee is also extremely low…only $1250.00 which includes all set-up and lifetime training for the clinic team. Our set-up fee also comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee.

Custom Plans

No two treatment plans are ever the same, so the patient’ payment plan should be a custom program designed by the clinic and the patient to match their specialized treatment. The clinic and the patient determine the amounts, terms, start date, and down payment. PPF simply administers what is decided and can modify any plan with no penalty or fee with one simple call to our support team.

Proactive Collector

The PPF cloud-based computer system collects electronically on midnight of a patient’s pay day. Regardless of when they receive their money each paycheck. We collect the clinic’s money BEFORE the other bills are paid.

Ability to Pay

We check over 75 different financial areas. We NEVER use a patients FICO credit score to qualify for a payment plan. No other payment processor in the world has the technology to look at how a patient pays their bills using only their active checking account. This allows us to qualify 3 out of 4 patients and still collect over 98% of every penny owed our doctors. The Patient Preferred Quick Qualify © process makes the decision to allow a payment plan simple and easy for the clinic. The Patient Preferred process qualifies 3 out of every 4 patients we receive, and all while the patient is still in the office! Our Smile Lay Away© program allows qualified patients to satisfy their treatment plan down payment requirement BEFORE any treatment costs are incurred. This program dramatically increases treatment plan acceptance.

Start today by visiting us at www.PatientPreferredServices.com or call (877) 593-3745

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