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Pfizer Is Confident About Distribution of Its COVID-19 Vaccine


United States pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer, whose two-shot COVID-19 vaccine recently showed 90% effectiveness in preliminary studies, is ready to roll out millions of doses as soon as it receives approval from the US Food and Drug Administration. Pfizer officials have been working to ensure a seamless system of distributing the vaccine to ensure its viability and prevent waste. However, Pfizer is only one part of the supply chain. Another company, McKesson, will supply the syringes and needles, and those who will be giving the vaccine must be trained on its storage and appropriate administration. The fact that the vaccine must be stored at -94° F and recipients must receive two doses of the shot to achieve maximum efficacy add a higher level of difficulty to the distribution process.

Pfizer’s vaccine is based on synthetic messenger RNA (mRNA), a new technology that helps the body’s own immune system identify and then combat the novel coronavirus by copying its surface. Read more here.

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