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Obesity May Be Biggest Risk Factor for COVID-19 Severity


Research shows that those who experience the most severe COVID-19 symptoms are often obese. A recent meta-analysis of nearly 400,000 patients published in Obesity Reviews found that people with obesity and COVID-19 were 113% more likely to be hospitalized, 74% were more likely to receive treatment in intensive care units, and 48% were more likely to die compared with healthy weight patients who were also sick with COVID-19. The culprits? Inflammation, reduced immunity, blood that is more likely to clot, and hesitance at seeking medical care. People who are overweight may also experience greater severity of COVID-19 symptoms. Click here to read more.

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  1. Kevin Franklin says

    ICU nurses have known this all along through general observations, no research project needed. Obesity and the elderly are more at risk. Delays in treatment are leading to the severity of the cases due to the limits the Governments have put on the use of early intervention medications. A definite case for “Crimes against Humanity” and all who worked to prevent these medications from being used need to be held accountable.

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