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Rite-Lite PRO Multispectral, HI-CRI Shade Matching Light by AdDent

The Rite-Lite PRO has three color temperatures plus a black light spectrum.


Shades taken at the dental office or lab are frequently done using north white light (5500K). The problem arises when the patient goes home and looks in their mirror under incandescent or ambient lighting conditions. The shade may look a little off. The RiteLite PRO has 3 color temperatures plus a black light spectrum. The operator takes the shade with 5500K, and then verifies the shade match under incandescent (3900K) and ambient (3200K) and black light. The chosen shade should match in all 4wavelengths. Based on the principle of Metamerism an accurate shade match is thereby confirmed.

With three intensity levels of light for variable viewing situations and a larger viewing area, the Rite-Lite PRO is the tool you need. The high CRI feature of the RiteLite PRO permits better color rendition of all the shades as well as natural tooth fluorescence.

A polarizing filter is available to allow easier examination of internal and surface characterizations without distracting reflections.

The patented Rite-Lite PRO will save on embarrassing & costly remakes and assure that the restoration looks natural under all lighting condition.


  • Multi-Spectra HI CRI LEDs
  • Three intensity levels
  • Blacklight setting for matching restorations to the natural dentition fluorescence
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery and more

For additional information contact: AdDent toll-free at 855-211-3143 or visit the website at: www.addent.com

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