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AeroShield’s FLOW Extra-Oral Suction System Helps Keep Dental Staff Safe

AeroShield is dentistry’s new standard for personal protection from bio-aerosols.


Designed for dentists by a dentist, AeroShield is excited to announce its new AeroShield FLOW Extra-Oral Suction System to help protect dentists, dental hygienists, staff, and patients from potential viral infection by capturing bio-aerosols during procedures.

AeroShield’s FLOW Extra-Oral Suction System units provide the widest coverage and most consistent and powerful airflow to evacuate bio-aerosols directly from the working area. These bio-aerosols are streamed down through a cascade of medical-grade filters, delivering clean and fresh air to the dental operatory. The newest technology in personal protective equipment (PPE), AeroShield FLOW features 330 cfm at the face of the intake nozzle, 66 decibels, German-engineered motor rated for over 40,000 hours, hospital-grade H14 HEPA filter, medical-grade sterilizing UV light, activated carbon filter, and MERV 8+ high-capacity filter.

What distinguishes the AeroShield FLOW from competing imported units is the FLOW’s proficiency at purifying a large volume of air with four stages of filtration used in a specific order to filter down particulate matter with the greatest efficacy. Designed specifically for dental offices, the FLOW will fit into small operatories and has a flexible, easy-to-use/easy-to-clean arm. Invented and founded in South Florida, AeroShield is the brainchild of Allison Alexander, DMD, and her husband, Brad Thornbrough.

Learn more at aeroshieldhealth.com, email sales@aeroshieldhealth.com, or call 754-704-1497. 

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