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Social Distancing Is Key to Controlling Viral Spread


In light of the United States’ state-by-state approach to the COVID-19 pandemic and Americans’ high-level of mobility, the novel coronavirus spread to all 50 states and 90% of all US counties within 4 months of the initial outbreak, according to a study published July 1 in the Lancet. These factors also made it difficult to evaluate the effects of social distancing on viral transmission. Study authors used data from mobile phones to track movement patterns and compared that with epidemiological data on COVID-19 infections in 25 counties with the highest infection rates. Results showed a direct correlation between high levels of social distancing and reduced numbers of COVID-19 cases. The authors suggest that individual behavior can greatly impact viral transmission, and that social distancing may be the most important tool in the infection prevention armamentarium until an effective vaccine is discovered. Click here to read more.

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