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Will Vaccine Hesitancy Hinder the Goal of Herd Immunity?


One in four Americans will not get a vaccination to prevent COVID-19 when one becomes available, according to a Reuters/Ipnos poll. Experts suggest that 70% of the United States population will need to either recover from COVID-19, creating antibodies, or achieve immunity through vaccination in order for the country to reach herd immunity, in which most people are no longer vulnerable to the viral infection. Ethnicity and socioeconomic status impact how receptive individuals are to immunization, so public health departments are strategizing to improve access and education regarding a potential COVID-19 vaccine. Additionally, popularity of the vaccine hesitancy movement, which supports either full avoidance or delay of immunizations, is widespread. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is using a campaign known as “vaccinating with confidence” to provide evidence-based information to the public and improve access to immunizations with the goal of increasing utilization of a COVID-19 vaccine once it’s available. Read more here.

  1. Steve Smith says

    That is because they don’t even have a vaccine for SARS 1 after 20 years. The flu vaccine has paralyzed 3 people I know personally, one being a dentist that cannot work anymore. If you feel so strongly about taking this poison, by all means go ahead. Why don’t you report on why the Vaccine Injury Court has not produced 1 vaccine safety study as required by law since the 1980’s but has paid out in excess of $4 Billion dollars in claims. WAKE THE F UP and research real information and stop spreading this BS information.

  2. Sal Livreri says

    I believe it will be close to the percentage of people who do not wear masks, which is probably 50% in my locale of South Carolina.

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