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June 2020 Product Spotlights

Sunstar Americas

New from America’s #1 Recommended Dental Pick Brand: GUM® Soft-Picks® Comfort Flex Mint. A fresh mouth can be a real patient motivator1. New GUM® Soft-Picks® Comfort Flex Mint from Sunstar Americas, Inc. delivers a minty fresh sensation and features flexible rubber bristles for gentle, effective between-teeth food and plaque removal. It’s the newest offering in the GUM line, which includes GUM Soft-Picks Original and Advanced, clinically proven to clean between teeth as effectively as string flossing.

Visit: us-professional.gumbrand.com/gumbrand



Dental Evolution

The Fridge® – Friction Grip Bridge System was introduced by Implanova® as a revolutionary technique for creating an implant supported prosthesis that is fixed for the patient but removable by the dentist.  This system serves as an alternative to traditional fixed screw-retained processes and eliminates the need for screws, cement, etc.  The system allows the practitioner to conveniently examine, clean the prosthesis, and implants.

Visit: denvolution.com/fridge-system-product-catalog/

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