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Bipartisan Bill Would Provide Tax Credit for PPE


The Small Business Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Tax Credit Act HR 7216 has been introduced by a bipartisan coalition to provide small businesses with a $25,000 tax credit for purchasing the PPE required to reopen. The bill—sponsored by Brenda Lawrence, D-Mich, Troy Balderson, R-Ohio, Mike Quigley, D-Ill, and John Joyce, R-Penn—is designed to offset the additional costs small businesses, including dental practices, have endured when providing gloves, medical masks, N95 respirators, eye protection, gowns and aprons, boots/closed-toe work shoes, cleaning detergents, hand sanitizers, and cleaning products and tools, in addition to updating or purchasing equipment.  The American Dental Association announced its support of the bill on June 24. HR 7216 is currently under consideration by the United States Ways and Means Committee. Read more here.

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