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North Carolina Dentists Now Able to Test for COVID-19


The North Carolina legislature passed SB 704-COVID-19 Recovery Act on May 4, which enables dentists to administer diagnostic and antibody tests for the novel coronavirus if the tests have approval or emergency authorization from the United States Food and Drug Administration. How soon such tests will be available for use in dental practices remains unknown.

The bill also grants the North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners the ability to waive statutory requirements in an emergency, providing the dental board with the same authority as is currently granted to the NC Medical Board and NC Board of Nursing. This provision enables the board, after the governor, city, or municipality declares a formal state of emergency, to bypass certain requirements to allow dentists and dental hygienists to practice. Read more here.

  1. Wayne says

    This sounds more like a knee jerk reaction than a well thought out law.
    We all know that the tests are not as reliable as we hoped they would be . It’s all about the timing when one administers the tests, and the POC tests have shown many false negatives.
    So if the MDs are not doing testing for these reasons, why would a dentist want to open up that can of worms? You have to ask yourself, why hasn’t the FDA approved any POC testing to date, only “emergency approved testing “?
    Bottom line, if you are sick, get the test. If not, don’t waste your money.

  2. Carlos Sanchez says

    I’ve never seen so much confusion, CYA, constant moving of the goalposts and Americans so easily giving up their freedoms. Even if these tests were reliable, we’d probably have about the same chances of getting any as we have PPEs and surface disinfectants.

  3. kingston livingston says

    but the president said anyone who wanted a test could get one. what’s the problem.

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