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Collaboration Is Key in Effort to Find a COVID-19 Vaccine


Vaccine manufacturers have agreed to work together by sharing information and their clinical trial databases in the race to create an effective COVID-19 vaccine. The effort will include 100,000 volunteers and approximately six vaccine candidates that have evidence demonstrating their safety. Starting in July, large-scale trials of the selected vaccines will begin among medical personnel and in areas that are still experiencing outbreaks of the novel coronavirus. Part of the Accelerating COVID-19 Therapeutic Interventions and Vaccines partnership between private manufacturers and the United States government, the endeavor could lead to the availability of an effective vaccine by the end of the year. All vaccine candidates will be tested for disease enhancement, in which a vaccine worsens the effects of disease instead of preventing it. Read more here.

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  1. Steven Smith says

    Research the history of vaccines and the contaminents found in them along with cancer causing viruses and severe autoimmune reactions. Now research the fact that the Vaccine Injury Court that has paid out billions in injuries due to vaccines and that this same Court is supposed to publish Vaccine Safety Studies every two years since the 1980’s and to date has published all of ZERO safety studies. Now go and ask the CDC for their vaccine safety studies…good luck.

    Now ask the question, why all of the sudden they can create a vaccine for a SAR2S virus that they have been unable to create for the original SARS.

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