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April 2020 Product Spotlights


Keystone Industries

To make a natural-looking denture, shading, and fit is important. Diamond D’s coloring system is designed to pick up colors of natural tissues and reflect natural light. Diamond D dentures offer incredible fit, function, and aesthetics that will leave your patients feeling happy and confident.

For more information, visit: dental.keystoneindustries.com



For the love of your patients and your practice. Crosstex remains dedicated to supporting your practice during this difficult period and when you return to providing regular in-office patient care. Need to close your office? Refer to our DentaPureTM Cartridge protocols for managing your Dental Unit Waterlines.

Learn more at: crosstex.com/closure_protocols





Admira Fusion x-tra is the world’s first Single-Shade Omni-Chromatic Nano-ORMOCER restorative material. This material can match the shade of the surrounding tooth structure, improving the speed and simplicity of restorative procedures. The “x-tra” refers to enhanced physical properties, like a low shrinkage rate of 1.25% by volume, a shrinkage stress up to 50% lower than other restoratives, and more.

Learn more at: voco.dental

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