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ADA Offers State by State Guide to Regulations


As more states consider lifting shelter-in-place policies, dentists will need to stay abreast of quickly changing regulations and recommendations before they can consider opening their practices. The American Dental Association offers an interactive online map that provides guidance on each state’s procedure requirements and restrictions for dentists during the COVID-19 pandemic. Updated Monday through Friday, the map also provides details such as how many cases have been diagnosed in the state and licensure updates. Read more here.

  1. Michael D Crowder DDS says

    Organized Dentistry has dropped the ball totally on this Wuhan virus. We have not stood up to this attack on our integrity and our efforts to prevent the transmission of ANY disease in our offices. We as a profession do as much or more than any hospital does on a daily basis to prevent cross contamination and spread of Infectious agents. When you go to the ER do you think they do infection control like we do? When you stay in an examination room for over an hour in a Doctor’s office do you think they do infection control like we do? Dentistry has a proud history of infection control and preventing the spread of diseases through our offices, I have not searched this but I can not think of a single Documented cause of an infectious disease being transmitted through a dental office. Why is the Wuhan corona virus any different than HIV, HPV, HBV, etc.?

  2. Matt says

    Because the ones you mentioned are blood born, and corona virus is respiratory transmission, different.

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