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How to Negotiate With Your Landlord


Regardless of whether you signed a commercial lease for your dental practice a month ago or 5 years ago, everything has changed with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. With most dental offices closed until further notice, now is the time to negotiate with your landlord. A rent abatement may be a solution for both you and your landlord. In this case, you would pay less per month or nothing at all while your practice is closed in exchange for signing an extended lease. In this sense, you are guaranteeing the landlord more cash than he or she had anticipated when the lease was originally signed. You could also offer to sign a lease for a higher amount or set up a formalized payment plan to compensate your landlord for lost payments. Remember that your landlord does not want to lose you as a tenant and most likely will be willing to work with you until your practice can open again. Read more here.

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