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Orascoptic Granted U.S. Patent for Optical Design Used in All Headlights


Orascoptic was recently granted a U.S. patent for the optical design used in each of its headlights. The granting of this patent means that Orascoptic offers customers a highly uniform spot with the least amount of weight in comparison to other solutions on the market.

Orascoptic’s Research and Development team, led by Matt Oren, recognized a need for a headlight that provides a more uniform light beam, but is also lightweight and comfortable. This need arose from the fact that previous headlights available on the market could be deficient in one or more aspects. They may exhibit poor light uniformity and/or unacceptable color separation at the edge of the light beam. In addition, some surgical headlights may be too heavy, awkward or uncomfortable for the clinician.

Knowing that clinicians consider size, weight and ease of adjustment when selecting a headlight for use in procedures, Orascoptic set out to create a solution by way of an improved design and resulting product.


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