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DenMat Issued Patent for Snap-On Smile Removable Dental Appliances


LOMPOC, CA.— DenMat Holdings has announced the recent issuance of a new patent by the United States Patent & Trademark Office for its line of Snap-On Smile removable dental appliances.

United States Patent No. 9,901,429 is for an appliance fabricated to enhance the appearance of a patient’s smile, including a plurality of simulated teeth, resulting in an improved smile without any need to alter the structure of a patient’s existing dentition. This latest patent strengthens DenMat’s patent portfolio for its Snap-On Smile product line, which includes U.S. Patent Nos. 8,449,296 and 7,357,637, as well as one or more pending patent applications.

The patent claims an invention in which an appliance is designed and fabricated to change the appearance of a patient’s smile without needing to alter the existing structure of the teeth. One embodiment of the invention may be fabricated from an acetyl resin material, has a continuous wall with an inner surface that adapts and conforms to the facial and lingual aspects of the existing teeth, an outer wall that has the desired visible appearance, and retentive points without utilizing any dental adhesive or cement.

DenMat produces esthetic solutions for dentists such as Lumineers® and Snap-On Smile appliances. Recently, the company expanded its laboratory product offering to include its LumiZir® full contour zirconia restorations and its A.R.T (Additive Reductive Template) system for case design and presentation.

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