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April 2017 Product Showcase


AXESS™ Mask is a single-use, lightweight and low profile nasal mask that is contoured to form fit comfortably over the patient’s nose and is available in three sizes and two scents – mint and bubblegum. A clear, unscented version is also available for scent-sensitive patients. The single-use AXESS™ mask and re-useable/steam-sterilize-able scavenging circuit combined are designed to provide patients with a comfortable experience while offering clinicians easy and unobstructed access to the oral cavity.

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DiaDent International

EvoFill Duo is the new advanced cordless obturation system that consists of EvoFill backfill obturation device and EvoPack warm vertical compaction device. EvoFill features powered motorized extrusion, fast heating of gutta percha cartridge, and digital control panel.  Hygienic single-use, fast loading gutta percha cartridge means easy clean up.  EvoPack features LED light-guided plugger, instant heating, and digital temperature control. Both units can be fully charged within 90 minutes and are lightweight and ergonomically designed.

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Elevate Oral Care

NEW Advantage Arrest™ Silver Diamine Fluoride 38% Unit-Dose Delivery – The only silver diamine fluoride available in the U.S. is only available directly from Elevate Oral Care. Now you can choose our original 8 mL bottle delivery or our new unit-dose delivery option. Silver diamine fluoride may be the hottest topic in dentistry. We can also show you our new FluoriMax varnish flow-through unit-dose delivery, another great way to use the only 2.5% sodium fluoride varnish in the world.

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Glidewell Laboratories

Simply Natural Dentures™ provide a unique custom arrangement of denture teeth based on patient age, desired tooth shade, masculine or feminine features and natural tissue contours. We customize every case for a comfortable, functional appliance that provides the patient with a lifelike smile embodying their individual characteristics. Simply Natural Dentures are contoured in a way that promotes self-cleansing and the appearance of natural tissue. What’s more, our injection-molded processing system, Ivocap®, ensures gap-free adaptation for better long-term stability. For patients who are allergic to acrylic, prescribe Simply Natural Dentures using vinyl-based material by Astron. Glidewell Laboratories is pleased to offer CAD/CAM dentures, a service that uses computer-aided scan and design on your denture cases. A precision-printed baseplant is returned for the try-in phase to increase stability and accuracy of the final delivery.

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Now available on the 5572 and other select shapes, NeoBurr® carbide’s patent-pending blended neckTM was developed because other burs on the market were breaking frequently, causing interruptions in what should be a smooth dental procedure. These burs feature single-piece construction on the most popular shapes for additional strength. For unparalleled quality, strength and performance, choose NeoBurr.

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Pink Band

Are you looking for a matrix band system that doesn’t stick to composite, soft enough to create a seal, and rigid enough to slide between tight contacts without crumpling? Are you troubled by sulcular fluid and blood contaminating prepared teeth, even with a rubber dam? PinkBand® is an innovative technology comprised of a blend of metals and a silicone coating. PinkBand® is available in two thicknesses (.0018” and .0013”) and every shape.

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QualiTouch Blue Nitrile Left/Right Fitted gloves are manufactured on surgical style formers with curved finger designed to improve comfort and provide a custom fit. Fitted gloves are ideal when performing repetitive motion procedures since they are designed to hold your hands in a comfortable relaxed position that relieves the pulling sensation on the thumb commonly associated with ambidextrous gloves.

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VOCO America

Ionolux, VOCO’s new light cured Resin Modified Glass Ionomer (RMGI) restorative offers many new benefits that include composite-like esthetics, immediate packability, non-stick handling and improved physical properties for better longevity. Ionolux’s enhanced esthetics uniquely allows the practitioner to deliver a fluoride releasing restoration without the sacrifice of esthetics. Available in VOCO’s new easy-to-use direct activation capsule, Ionolux is radiopaque, comes in five shades and does not require the use of an adhesive or dentin conditioner.

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EXTARO® 300 from ZEISS provides breakthrough visualization modes enabling new dental applications. It is poised to revolutionize and differentiate your practice with:

  • Augmented Visualization
  • Digital Patient Communication
  • Single-Handed Operation

Join us at these upcoming meetings: American Association of Endodontists Annual Conference | April 26-28 | Booth 729. California Dental Association (CDA) South | May 4-6 | Booth 1360.

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