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Front Office November/December 2023


Streamlining Dental Practice Efficiency
Discover how optimizing systems, embracing automation, and defining team member roles can lead to greater satisfaction and productivity.
By Dayna Johnson

Enhance Team Dynamics Through Cultural Awareness
The Cultural Orientations Framework assessment empowers dental leaders to foster unity in diversity, optimize team performance, and leverage diverse cultural perspectives.
By Kristine Berry, RDH, MSEC

How to Leverage Digital Oral Health Scans
This technology offers a wide range of benefits from patient education to insurance acceptance.
By Savanah Carlson, DAADOM

Talking Points

Gain the Feel of Latex and the Strength of Nitrile
Medicom’s Ocean Pacific NeoNatural gloves offer the best of both worlds for your dental team members.

Strategies to Protect Your Practice
Rectangle Health’s Practice Management Bridge offers solutions to simplify HIPAA compliance for dental providers.


Effective Communication Is the Cornerstone of Success
By Lorene G. Kent

Discussing Patient Costs
Dental office managers need to be prepared to talk about the financial commitment required to ensure patients’ oral health.
By Michele P. Carr, RDH, MA, EdD

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