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Automated PPE Subscription Program From Verena Solutions


Since 2009, Verena Solutions (312-248-3876; https://www.verenasolutions.com/verena-plus) has been driven to increase business efficiency, boost safety for dental staff, and improve patient comfort. The Verena+ PPE subscription program is no exception. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Verena answered the demand with access to timely and sufficient PPE and a full line of safety products. Revolutionizing how clients plan for and manage their practice needs, the Verena+ PPE subscription program provides offices with consistent, smaller shipments of PPE at the lowest price, guaranteed — typically at a 20% savings. PPE products are delivered monthly or automatically replenished through the Verena+ PPE subscription program. For added convenience, Verena offers a pay-as-you-go model. Additional benefits include an inventory management system, safety compliance training, automated shipments, and up to $100 medical waste disposal credit.Verena Solutions Products

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