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MARK3 Temporary Crown & Bridge Material Offers Excellent Mechanical and Esthetic Properties


MARK3MARK3 Crown & Bridge material from Cargus International (845-267-2600; cargus.com) has a unique formulation that features excellent mechanical and esthetic properties for short- and long-term provisionals. The material demonstrates exceptional strength and abrasion resistance, as well as a defined elastic phase for easy removal. MARK3 Crown & Bridge also features stable color shades with natural fluorescence. It produces minimal heat during polymerization and is easy to polish to a long-lasting luster.

MARK3 Crown & Bridge delivers easily with a 10:1 dispensing gun. This is a flowable material with a nonsticky consistency that sets quickly in two to three minutes. It has the consistency dentists expect and stays where it is put — with just the right amount of sag. The set time is similar to leading brands, but without a slime layer; this is a neat and clean material without any offensive odor or taste.

Temporaries created with MARK3 Crown & Bridge require minimal adjustment, and also have strong margin integrity which creates less chance for fracture. And it does an excellent job at recreating the shape, size and topography of a tooth. In short, MARK3 Crown & Bridge makes great temporaries which will save dentists time and money — and their patients will always appreciate a shorter visit.

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