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Medicom SafeMatrix Single-Use Matrix Bands

Prevent cross-contamination with single-use matrix bands


When placing composites or amalgam, successful Class II restorations require tight proximal contacts and good anatomical contours. Compatible with all restorative materials, as well as wedges and rubber dams, the innovative, patent-pending design of SafeMatrix single-use matrix bands from Medicom (medicom.com) includes a slim handle, textured grip and improved thumbscrew grooves for added convenience, better control and optimal results. A push-button diverter helps ensure tight interproximal contacts. In addition, the narrow neck and rounded edges enhance access and visibility, while eliminating the risk of injuries to gingiva and cheeks. SafeMatrix is suitable for all MO/OD and MOD cavities, as well as for cusp build-ups and as a protective shield for the neighboring tooth during preparation.

SafeMatrix Contour is curved for faster placement and tighter contacts. Both SafeMatrix and SafeMatrix Contour are available in two sizes: wide (6 mm) for molars and larger restorations, and narrow (4.5 mm) for premolars and children’s teeth.

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