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iSonic DS310 Ultrasonic Cleaner Debuts


iSonic miniaturized commercial model DS310 using a standard disposable 9OZ PET cup to clean patient's denture/retainers/appliances. It can used to clean loose burs and files in the stainless steel beaker attached or burs/files guard in the main tank.

Described by iSonic (847-850-0404; isonicinc.com) as the world’s smallest commercial ultrasonic cleaner with a stack transducer, the new desktop-style DS310 accommodates a standard 9-ounce polyethylene terephthalate (PET) cup to hold patients’ dentures and other appliances for in-office cleaning. This helps eliminate cross-contamination risks because the PET cup is disposable after single-patient use. Burs and files can also be cleaned in the integrated stainless steel beaker or, alternately, placed in a bur/file guard for cleaning. In addition, an optional plastic strainer attaches to the beaker for easy retrieval of items after processing. Featuring a digital timer, touch-sensing controls, and a color LED display, the iSonic DS310 has an 0.8-liter tank and a powerful 55-watt transducer that provides a level of cleaning intensity surpassing that of the average ultrasonic device.

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