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Calaject Provides Computer-Assisted Local Anesthesia Delivery


CalajetDirecta Dental Group’s (800-537-8765; directadentalusa.com) Calaject device for computer-assisted local anesthesia represents the company’s second generation of computer-assisted injection technology. The design goal was to provide a means for optimal local analgesia, with minimal discomfort for the patient, and improved ergonomics and comfort for clinicians during delivery.


Featuring a small footprint, automated aspiration, and an easy-to-view visual display with auditory signals for speed and pressure, the Calaject was developed to deliver more comfortable injections. The system controls the flow rate, which ensures a smooth and gentle flow of anesthesia. Even palatal injections can be carried out with less discomfort for the patient. Calaject features three program settings which are carefully designed for the most common local anesthesia techniques used in dentistry: intraligamental and palatal injections, infiltrations, and nerve block anesthesia.


In addition, the unit’s pen grip allows the operator to sit in a relaxed and ergonomic position while injecting. Automated delivery eliminates finger and muscle fatigue, and the handpiece also allows good finger support, which aids precise needle positioning — further facilitating optimal analgesia during dental care.

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