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Tri Hawk’s Amazilia Surgical and Endodontic Line of Burs

Tri Hawk has introduced its new line of burs, Amazilia.


Tri Hawk has introduced its new line of burs, Amazilia. This line includes the FG151, FG151L and FG152 burs.

Tri Hawk’s Amazilia burs feature excellent cutting speed, efficiency, and smoothness. They can be used to clean out the pulp chamber to prepare for a variety of root treatments. Their unique blade angles and optimum helix gives these burs superior cutting efficiency and a smooth cut.

The FG151 offers the ultimate balance between cutting efficiency and smoothness due to Tri Hawk’s unique helix and blade design. An active cutting tip allows for end cutting for endodontic access and the creation of the perfect shoulder for crown preparations. A 10 mm head length allows the practitioner to easily access the tips of the roots with this bur. The 151L (28mm) allows for a deeper reach.

Tri Hawk’s unique safe tip design of the FG152 allows practitioners to clean out pulp chambers and access all the way into the roots without worrying about penetrating the chamber floor or the walls of the roots. Its unique helix and blade design maximizes bio-material evacuation and easily enlarges endodontic access holes.

For more information, visit trihawk.com

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