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ErgoFinger® Wearable High-Volume Evacuation Device

ErgoFinger® wearable high-volume evacuation device reduces physical stress as well as aerosol contamination.


ErgoFinger® is a disposable finger attached HVE tip that permits ergonomic working postures; it avoids upraised arms, bending and twisting of the neck, awkward twisting
of the wrist, and an overly tight pinched grip. This is the ultimate solution to optimizing the day-to-day work of clinicians working without an assistant, plus minimizing the physical stress while reducing the aerosols during procedures.

The ErgoFinger® HVE Tip has a nozzle of bore size of 11mm that efficiently reduces the aerosol contamination arising from the oral cavity and effectively eliminates fluid and debris while performing power instrumentation procedures without an assistant. It is proven that the HVE Tip removes 90-98% of aerosols arising from the operative site reducing the risks of contamination.*

The especially designed ErgoFingers nozzle rotates 360° degrees and its length can be adjusted. This allows the suction power to be directed accurately towards the working area, making fluid, splatter, and aerosol removal more efficient, while improving visibility and enabling an ergonomically correct work posture, which is easier to maintain throughout the whole day.

Designed to improve clinicians’ comfort and enhance the satisfaction of patients, ErgoFinger® is made of soft and elastic material, suitable for medical applications. The design of the finger cover is form fitting and pleasant, which makes the use of this device comfortable for all clinicians. The ergonomic design allows the clinician to easily guide evacuation along with powered instrumentation throughout the mouth.

Thanks to the friendly, soft material and smooth, round edges of the nozzle, lip, cheek or mucous membranes can gently be retracted while protecting the soft tissues, making the elimination of fluid and debris from the oral cavity safe and pleasant for the patient. The special air vents and cusps prevent the nozzle from remaining attached to the mucous membranes. The end result is fluid removal that is efficient, and visibility that is greatly improved.

Created to make working without an assistant easier and healthier ErgoFinger® HVE Tip reduces the strain of poor posture, allowing a more comfortable and ergonomic position for the wrist, fingers, arm, and the neck and shoulder area, when used together with the lightweight HVE hose and the lightweight HVE valve. The ErgoFinger® HVE Hose Kit is an accessory containing a lightweight hose together with an autoclavable suction valve which makes the use of the evacuation device even more comfortable and ergonomic by reducing the overall weight for the operator’s hand and fingers.

The ErgoFinger®, disposable finger attached HVE Tip is available in two different sizes (S-M and L-XL) and sold in packages that contain:

  • 50 pieces of finger size S-M or L-XL with attached nozzle bore size of 11mm
  • 50 pieces of tube
  • 1 User Manual

To determine which ErgoFinger® size suits clinician the best, the size of the protection glove can be taken as a reference. If usually a glove of the size S or M is used, then the ErgoFinger® of size S-M can be chosen. Alternatively, the ErgoFinger® of size L-XL then can be selected for gloves of size L and XL.

For more information, please visit ergofinger.com or call 402-306-8164.

*Stephen K. Harrel, DDS and John Molinari, PhD, “Aerosols and splatter in dentistry,” JADA, Volume 135, No 4, April 2004, p. 429-437

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