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VursaWedge by Plak Smacker

New matrix wedge technology saves time, improves gingival seal.


Algonquin, Illinois, USA, August 18, 2020 – Plak Smacker is excited to introduce VursaWedge, an innovative new matrix wedge technology that delivers perfectly sealed gingival margins.

The specially developed split wedge technology delivers a better gingival seal, which helps in routine and deep-lesion cases. The wedge not only provides an interproximal seal, but the “wings” also carry that seal around to the lingual side of the tooth. This perfect seal dramatically reduces the time needed to finish the restoration and remove flash from this hard-to-reach area.

The VursaWedge easily lends itself for use with a clinician’s traditional system and technique. Furthermore, the wings of the VursaWedge help lock in the ring, greatly reducing ring slippage. This product helps save time on the set up as well as the clean up!

Plak Smacker has partnered with VursaWedge inventor Matthew Burton, DDS, of Burton Dental Innovations LLC, to provide a continuing education (CE) course about the impacts of wedges and how to achieve perfect gingival margins. The virtual CE course will take place on Thursday, August 20th and is free to attend. To register for the event, visit https://info.plaksmacker.com/cutting-wedge.

To learn more about VursaWedge technology, visit BurtonBands.com or search VursaWedge at PlakSmacker.com.

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