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DeVA-1® Dental Vision Assistant 2G (2nd Generation) from OraVu

OraVu®, a global leader in dental endoscopy solutions, announces the introduction of the 2G of the DeVA-1® Dental Vision Assistant.


OraVu®, a global leader in dental endoscopy solutions, announces the introduction of the 2G of the DeVA-1® Dental Vision Assistant. Camera sensors are now placed in the distal tip of the digital camera fiberscope so no need for a lens coupler therefore no need to focus. This new design allows for cleaner and crisper images and videos when viewing deep into the sulcus. Depth of field is 1mm to infinity and uses a 0.65mm square sensor with pixel spacing (density) equal to that of a 12Mp camera. The 2G has 40,000 pixels – 4 times greater than the 1G or other devices.

The 2nd Generation DeVA-1 digital camera endoscope allows periodontists, dentists, and dental hygienists to see deep into the gingival pocket without flap surgery, thereby giving “sight” to otherwise “blind” procedures.

With Visual-SRPSM (Visual Scaling and Root Planing, or V-SRPSM), dental practitioners can now see the calculus below the gumline that may cause gum disease, through a non-surgical technique. The innovative technology used for Visual-SRPSM is a flexible digital camera endoscope built using hundreds of illuminating fibers to provide high definition imaging and brightness during debridement. With the use of the DeVA-1®2G and Visual-SRPSM, practitioners can now optimally treat varying stages of gum disease and other blind dental procedures.

The DeVA-1®2G system is a fully transportable Visual-SRPSM system available in two configurations: the lightweight, wheeled system can be quickly moved in an intra-office environment, while the transportable unit is easily disassembled and reassembled and transported in a hard sided 2 wheel case. Bundled with the unit are the ViRSSTM (Vision Rinse and Safety Sheath) and the Dental XplorerTM hand tools. The ViRSSTM sheath locks into place to avoid slippage, while delivering a robust and adjustable water supply to aid in flushing out detritus and bacteria. In addition, the ViRSSTM is engineered with an environmentally sealed window to prevent endoscope contamination. The Dental XplorerTM set of six autoclavable configurations has been ergonomically designed to be lightweight and non-slip, providing operators tactile feedback and control during the Visual-SRPSM procedure. All accessories integrate with the new 2nd Generation DeVA.

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