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The New DOVE® AERO HVE Helps Dental Professionals

The DOVE AERO HVE eliminates the use of large vacuums or patient-gagging gadgets.


The new DOVE® AERO HVE helps dental professionals by:

  • Providing HVE power with saliva ejector comfort
  • Allowing the use of traditional instrumentation
  • Preventing complicated working positions
  • Eliminating the use of large vacuums or patient-gagging gadgets


  • External aerosol evacuation up to 95%:  Features a patent-pending external aerosol chamber utilizing the airflow from the HVE to effectively manage aerosol
  • Backflow is removed: Originally designed in the DOVE SE Standard Valve, the one-way flap design guarantees backflow is eliminated for every patient
  • Single-use for increased patient safety: Helps prevent cross-contamination between patients through use of a new, disposable valve for every patient
  • Easy to connect: Developed for use in-line with traditional medical equipment, reducing discomfort or both the patient and hygenist

For more information, visit dovedentalproducts.com

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