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V-Posil Putty Fast Line Extension

V-Posil Putty Fast Now Available in a 380 ml Cartridge.


Modern impression materials must meet a wide range of demands. Dentists require a material that provides a particularly high level of precision, while a convenient working time combined with a short intraoral setting time also takes priority. The material needs to offer high hydrophilicity and dimensional accuracy plus a high degree of tear strength and elasticity.

V-Posil, the VPS impression material with optimal timing and maximum precision from VOCO meets all these requirements. The putty viscosity of this successful product line has been extended and now includes the putty material in a large, 380ml cartridge.

V-Posil Putty Fast is used as a tray material for the following techniques:

  • Putty and wash technique (two-step)
  • Sandwich technique (single-step)
  • Putty and wash technique using a spacer (foil)
  • Or as an impression material for functional margin shaping

With an intraoral setting time of 2:30 minutes, V-Posil Putty Fast from the cartridge is also considered a fast-setting material. This saves time for the dentist while also improving patient comfort. The material has a Shore A hardness of 63, meaning that it is recommended for the putty and wash technique in particular. The material has 99.5% elastic recovery from deformation, which ensures precise pouring results and consequently, perfectly-fitting restorations.

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