A-dec Introduces the New A-dec 500

NEWBERG, Oregon, USA — Focused on creating a superior doctor and patient experience, the new A-dec 500 Dental Chair and Delivery System delivers the reliability and longevity dental teams expect, with the access, integration, control and comfort to perform and feel their best. The entire delivery system is designed to function holistically and intuitively, reacting to every move, without pause.

“As much as we want to talk about our system and how beautiful it is, and how many things it does, the doctor basically wants it to become invisible. They want to forget about it and focus on the patient,” says Tom McCleskey, director of Core Equipment, Clinical and Product Management at A-dec.

That attention to modern simplicity is the beauty behind the new system. With the ability to effortlessly make adjustments in mind, A-dec built extra safeguards and responsiveness into the new delivery, including LED coolant indicators that light up when a handpiece is lifted out of the holder, allowing adjustments without second guessing. The touchpad screen uses visual, user-friendly icons to eliminate clutter and display only essential information. And positive positioning allows smooth one-handed movement of the delivery system and ensures that it stays in place.

Reliability and peace of mind are woven through every element of the new A-dec 500:

  • OPTIMAL ACCESS. Allows the team to move in close and position everything within reach.
  • FLEXIBLE INTEGRATION. The flexible design allows dentists to configure the clinical instruments they choose.
  • INTELLIGENT CONTROL. Customizable and easy to navigate, with the ability to add additional instruments now or later.
  • SUPERIOR CARE. Comfort and stability add up to a superior patient experience.

As expected, the classic headrest and ultra-thin backrest deliver consistent support for the patient from any angle, while simultaneously allowing the dentist to move in close for an optimal view of the oral cavity.


  • Primea™ Advanced Air® from W&H® is an air-driven, high-speed option on the new delivery. The handpiece features an adjustable bur speed and constant removal rate—even with increasing pressure. A range from 60,000 to 320,000 rpm offers optimal application speed and maximum treatment efficacy at all times. Lightweight and precise, it performs multiple procedures: crown and cavity preparation, crown and bridge cutting, all ceramic restoration removal, amalgam restoration removal and finishing.
  • Positionable Deluxe Plus touchpad minimizes the extraneous and dynamically displays only what is necessary for the current procedure. The tilting screen and rotating arm adjust for precise viewing from multiple angles, and delivery system arm moves for right- or left-handed operators, allowing optimal visibility from either side of the control head.
  • LED coolant indicator lights up when a handpiece is lifted out of the holder. These Individually adjustable water coolant lights identify which handpiece is in the active position.

“It’s important that doctors can rely on our equipment and not have it disappoint,” adds McCleskey. “That’s where you see peace of mind relate to reliability and quality. It’s outcome of a superior experience.”

Learn more at a-dec.com/500experience.

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A-dec 500
A-dec Introduces the New A-dec 500

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