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360 Coverage Pros Launches Dentist Professional Liability Program

360 Coverage Pros to offer new insurance option in rapidly changing marketplace for dental malpractice insurance.


360 Coverage Pros announced today the launch of a new Dentist Professional Liability Program offering affordable dental malpractice insurance coverage for dentists and dental students.

By combining affordability, flexible coverage options, superior customer service, and an “A+ Rated” policy, 360 Coverage Pros is able to deliver a truly best-in-class experience. Dentists of all experience levels will find the new program to be a time and money saver, allowing them to focus their energies on helping their patients achieve and maintain their dental health.

The new program is launching at a time when several major dental malpractice brokers have moved their book of business to new insurers. This presents an opportunity for dentists to find out if they are leaving dollars on the table by comparing their current coverage with the new 360 Coverage Pros offering. Coverage options and availability may differ by state.

360 Coverage Pros has included a number of key policy features that dentists will find appealing, including: 

  •     $20 dental student rate
  •     60% premium discount for first-year dentists
  •     40% premium discount for second-year dentists
  •     50% premium discount for part-time dentists
  •     A dedicated customer care center
  •     Underwritten by “A+ Rated” carrier, Great Divide Insurance Co. Berkley Select, a W.R. Berkley Company

The policy also includes value-added features such as:

  •     License protection defense
  •     Peer review committee defense
  •     Insurance coverage in the event a dentist must testify in a deposition
  •     Defense costs outside of policy limits
  •     Medicare/Medicaid billing error defense
  •     Protection in the event dentist damages third-party property
  •     Coverage in case the dentist violates HIPAA provisions

For more information, please visit 360CoveragePros.com/dentist/professional-liability-insurance

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