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Biomin Toothpaste Now Available in the United States

Innovative new toothpaste which releases calcium and Phosphate ions and helps protect teeth from decay is now available in the United States.


Biomin® the innovative new toothpaste which slowly releases calcium and Phosphate ions, thus effectively replacing lost mineral from tooth surfaces, is now available in the United States through Dr Collins Inc. 

BioMin toothpaste contains a patented bioactive glass material developed by a research team led by Robert Hill, PhD, a professor at Queen Mary University of London. The product was launched in the United Kingdom in April 2016 and is currently available in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Since its launch in 2008, the Dr. Collins® brand has been at the leading edge of oral care technology. Its innovative products – toothpastes, Perio Toothbrush® and Perio Pic® – are distributed through a variety of channels, including retail stores, online outlets and professional dental offices.

BioMin toothpaste is now available on the Dr.Collins website at drcollins.com/dr-collins-biomintoothpaste.html as well as through Amazon at  amazon.com/dp/B07H944RLG

For further information, please visit drcollins.com or biomin.co.uk


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