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What Is an Invisible Dental Support Organization and Why Must Doctors Understand Them?

Join us Thursday, May 18th at 7 pm, 9 pm and 11 pm Eastern for an informative webinar that explains how Invisible Dental Support Organizations (IDSOs) are shaping the future of modern practice.

Presented by Chip Fichtner, co-founder and a principal of Large Practice Sales, this can’t-miss webinar details how IDSOs are driving the rapid consolidation of dental practices of all specialties across the United States. Thousands of doctors became IDSO partners in 2022. IDSOs become silent partners with dentists by purchasing 51% to 90% of a practice in cash. Doctors retain ownership and continue leading their practice with their brand, team, and full autonomy. Participating dentists benefit from the resources of a larger partner, which reduces administrative burdens, so the office grows bigger, faster, and more profitably. An IDSO partnership is not a short-term transition strategy, but, rather, a long-term wealth-building opportunity. In 2022, LPS completed $102 million in partnerships for doctors in their 30s — and this is only a portion of the $612 million in total partnerships, so the upside of partnering with an IDSO is considerable! Join the webinar to learn more.

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