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How an Investment of $4K/Yr Generated Over $100k/Yr in Additional Revenue

Learn how Extraordinary Smiles, a leading dental practice in Schnecksville generated a production of over $100K by investing $4k in digitizing and automating their practice operations, as a result making their front desk 10X more productive.

Extraordinary Smiles Family Dental wanted a way to automate patient engagement and reduce no shows at the practice. In addition to automating reminders, they wanted to grow their reviews, communicate with patients in a way patients preferred. As a high-touch practice, they needed a platform that could help them with the patient journey end to end, as well as a modern, HIPAA-compliant solution that could reach out to patients via their preferred method –text– and integrate easily with their current PMS.

Prior to working with Emitrr, they had manual processes for reminding patients of their appointments and requesting reviews through a phone call. With Emitrr, they were able to automate 100% of the patient journey (reminders, recalls, reviews, feedback) saving 10+ man hours/month, resulting in better patient experience.

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