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Palmero Introduces New Disposable Safety Eyewear Office Packs

Palmero Dynamic Disposables Safety Eyewear

Stratford, CT – Palmero Healthcare, a Hu-Friedy subsidiary, is pleased to announce two new additions to our line of Dynamic Disposables™, a lightweight, disposable cost-effective alternative eye protection that reduces eye splash contamination incidents. These new office packs each contain ten reusable frames, a cord, and twenty disposable lenses designed and tested to protect the eyes of both clinicians and patients.

Palmero has always offered orange and grey filtered lenses as replacement packs, but this release represents the first time they have been available in a starter pack format. These Office Packs have been designed to meet the standards of our “Four Cs” of disposable safety eyewear: Clarity + Comfort + Convenience = Compliance.

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