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Y-Brush Launches The World’s First Sonic Toothbrush With 10-sec Simultaneous Brushing Technology And A Typical Brush Head : the DuoBrush


February 20th, 2024. Y-Brush, a leading innovator in dental hygiene, announces the launch of its latest groundbreaking product: the DuoBrush. This innovation represents a significant advancement in the world of oral care, offering all consumers a new way to brush their teeth with unprecedented flexibility and customization.

Versatility and Innovation: The DuoBrush by Y-Brush

The DuoBrush works using the latest in sonic technology and It includes the handle, a Y-shaped brush head, a traditional brush head, and a USB cable. It is part of the 4th generation of Y-Brush toothbrushes.
Price: from $79.90

The uniquely designed DuoBrush provides freedom and choice, as well as an optimal and tailored brushing experience for each user, every time. With the latest in sonic technology, its toothbrush handle works with both traditional brush heads and Y-Brush’s innovative arch-shaped simultaneous brushing technology. DuoBrush is the new comprehensive solution for all dental care needs.

Benjamin Cohen, CEO and Co-Founder of Y-Brush, states, “The DuoBrush is the result of our ongoing commitment to innovation and efficiency in oral care. We’ve created a product that exceeds user expectations, offering an unprecedented personalized brushing experience. With the DuoBrush, we’re redefining what it means to take care of your dental health every day.”

Key Features of the DuoBrush:

  • Universal Compatibility: The DuoBrush is designed for both traditional brush heads and Y-Brush’s Y-shaped brush head, giving users the freedom to customize each brushing experience according to their preferred style and in-the-moment needs
  • 10-Second Brushing Technology: When using the Y-shaped brush head, the DuoBrush offers a thorough and complete clean in as little as 10 seconds, saving time while still delivering a full clean
  • 1-month rechargeable battery, 5 brushing modes to clean (normal and sensitive), refresh, whiten and polish teeth
  • Ergonomic Design: The DuoBrush’s handle is designed for maximum comfort and ease of use, suitable for all ages and abilities

Revolutionizing Oral Health with the DuoBrush by Y-Brush

Embrace the future of oral hygiene with Y-Brush’s DuoBrush, the ultimate innovation in dental care. Designed for the dynamic individual, it offers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. With its unique dual-head system, switch effortlessly between traditional brushing and the revolutionary 10-second Y-Brush method. The DuoBrush is more than a toothbrush; it’s a lifestyle enhancer, crafted to fit seamlessly into your busy life while ensuring your smile remains bright and healthy. For those who value health, time, and convenience, the DuoBrush is the quintessential choice, redefining oral care for the modern era.


The DuoBrush is now available for $74.90 with subscription or $79.90 (one time) for pre-order and will be shipped from Feb 26th 2024. Customers can visit www.y-brush.co (US) or www.y-brush.com (Europe & other part of the world) for more information and to place their order.


After 4 years of R&D and collaboration with dentists and oral health experts, the first Y-Brush sonic toothbrush was patented and launched in 2020. It reduces brushing time from 2 minutes to just 10 seconds, brushing all sides of all teeth simultaneously with 35,000 nylon bristles on a flexible Y-shaped brush that transmits vibration and removes dental plaque. For more information, visit y-brush.co (US) or y-brush.com (European shop, outside US)

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