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Flex Dental Announces Integration with Dentrix

The Dentrix Community Gets a Seamless Modern Upgrade to Patient Engagement


Flex Dental, the emerging leader in patient engagement solutions for dental practices, took another major leap forward today by announcing a new release offering full and seamless integration with Dentrix G6 and G7. 

“Over the last three years Flex Dental has been among the fastest-growing patient engagement solutions in dentistry,” said company founder and CEO Brennan Dean. Until now, Flex’s growth has been fueled exclusively by its integration with the Open Dental practice management platform and has been widely embraced by the Open Dental user community. Dean continues, “Integration with Dentrix allows tens of thousands of additional dental practices to experience a more modern, intuitive, and cost-efficient approach to patient engagement.” 

cloudDentrix customers can use Flex’s innovative and highly automated communication tools to engage with customers and increase revenue opportunities. Benefits for Dentrix users include: 

  • Seamless patient communication including two-way, real-time texts and email. 
  • Automated patient reminders, which have been proven to reduce no-shows. 
  • Digital patient forms that instantly update in Dentrix, eliminating paper and manual data entry for staff. 
  • Compelling treatment plan presentations that increase acceptance and patient recall. 
  • A streamlined and simplified process for requesting patient feedback and positive reviews that link directly to popular social media platforms. 

Dean founded Flex in 2018, to support his wife Jen, who struggled with the limitations of existing patient engagement offerings when starting her own practice shortly after graduating from dental school. “We started Flex with creating the ideal staff and patient experience in mind. Practices have embraced the Flex patient engagement platform for its comprehensive features, ease of use, and same-day onboarding. Flex’s streamlined workflows and efficient patient communications are proving more valuable than ever for dental offices challenged by staffing shortages created by The Great Resignation,” said Dean 

While solving critical staff needs for efficiency and automation, Flex is also built to provide the modern customer experience that patients expect. “Today’s patients want to be part of their care plan and value open communication with their healthcare providers,” said Dean. “Flex enables that level and depth of engagement with fast, convenient, and intuitive user interfaces that look, feel, and act like best practice e-commerce or social media platforms. We’re excited about introducing the Flex patient engagement system and approach to the many practices within the Dentrix user community.” 

For more information on Flex’s integration with Dentrix, click here. 

About Flex Dental 

Flex delivers comprehensive communication tools that help you easily engage with your patients, improve their in-office experience, and give you ways to simplify many of the processes that are traditionally headaches to you and your staff. Through online forms, payments, two-way texting, and automated communications, both you and your patients will rely on Flex to make your relationship easier. To learn more about the Flex platform and benefits for users, visit https://flex.dental. 

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