Product Profile: DentaPure Cartridge and Liquid Ultra Solution from Crosstex

Dental Unit Waterline Treatments Help Ensure Safe Practice


DentaPure Cartridge1

  • If left unmanaged, water passing through dental unit water – lines (DUWLs) can accumulate pathogens and biofilm — posing a threat to patients and dental teams, not to mention the practice’s reputation.
  • As a leader in infection prevention, Crosstex offers powerful practice solutions for maintaining DUWLs.
  • Representing one of two simple yet effective approaches, the DentaPure cartridge delivers treatment water that meets or exceeds U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) water quality standards of ≤ 500 colony forming units per milliliter (CFU/ml) of heterotrophic bacteria.
  • An award-winning DUWL treatment that installs in minutes, the DentaPure cartridge provides 365 days of safe, compliant dental unit water2 — turning daily or weekly waterline treatment regimens into an easy and effective annual protocol.
  • Once the DentaPure cartridge is installed, Crosstex indicates that monitoring or shocking protocols aren’t needed for the life of the cartridge.
  • This convenient system is available for independent water bottle or municipal water systems.

Liquid Ultra Solution

  • Liquid Ultra Solution is the only EPA-registered DUWL treatment granted all of the following claims: kills biofilm bacteria, removes existing biofilm and prevents/suppresses formation of biofilm in DUWLs.
  • This versatile liquid works as a weekly standalone treatment. It can be used in conjunction with a tablet protocol as a bimonthly or quarterly shocking/flushing solution, or as recommended by the practice’s daily waterline treatment regimen.
  • It is also indicated as a best-practice option to rapidly treat DUWLs prior to initiating a new treatment protocol, or quickly treat DUWLs with extremely high CFU/ml levels.
  1. Note: This product should not be used in conjunction with an installed DentaPure cartridge.


Crosstex’s family of DUWL maintenance solutions allows clinicians to choose between two simple and effective treatments based on practice needs. Offering maximum clinical flexibility, Liquid Ultra Solution and the DentaPure cartridge support safe practice by ensuring dental treatment water that meets or exceeds EPA and ADA water quality standards.



  1. All claims based on use with potable water.
  2. Or 240 liters of water if usage records are kept.

From Decisions in Dentistry. June 2017;3(6):51.

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