Minnesota Dental Association Releases Opioid Support Materials

MINNEAPOLIS – The Minnesota Dental Association (MDA) has published a brochure on pain management and the dangers of opioid use. The brochure educates patients on the dangers of opioid use and offers information on opioid alternatives, as well as storing and using opioids safely. Brochures can be ordered from the MDA online store.

The abuse, misuse and diversion of opioid medications have now reached epidemic proportions in Minnesota and throughout the United States. Prescription opioid medications are no longer considered a safe, low-risk option for relief of moderate to severe acute pain. In response, the MDA and other key stakeholders have been working to address this issue.

Many over-the-counter medications have been proven effective in treating pain, and NSAIDs, aspirin, acetaminophen  and topical anesthetics are commonly recommended as the first treatment option after dental procedures.

The brochure’s release follows the 2017 revised MDA “Protocol for the Assessment and Non-Opioid Management of Oral and Facial Pain.” The protocol provides alternatives to opioid use and supports the ongoing education of dental providers regarding managing oral and facial pain in the dental setting.

Oral health care professionals can access the protocol online.

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